2022 was a landmark year for Greece – the 200th anniversary since the Greek War Revolution of 1821.

The event that led to the independence of Greece from the Ottoman Empire.

The Tsarouhi, the traditional Greek Evzone guard shoe, still worn by the Evzones of the Greek Presidential Guard, was designed with a modern twist in celebration of the anniversary.

Handcrafted from polished stainless steel and black acrylic, it features a red eye, symbolizing the blood of the Greek fighters spilled during the Revolution.

A piece of Greece to commemorate the milestone year.

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Polished stainless steel, Acrylic


Comes in a gift box


19x9cm (7.48 x 3.54 ") , Depth 1.4cm (0.55")


Stainless steel and acrylic are delicate materials. To keep your product's shiny look, dry dusting is the best method. You can use a slightly damp cloth if needed. Please avoid the use of any alcohol, ammonia, or acetone based cleaning product.